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About us


 “WIC is one of the largest northern-based general contractors in British Columbia, we are construction specialists. We take great pride in our construction methods and are fully certified in all-new methods of construction, and project management.

At Western Industrial Contractors, we are committed to the welfare of our employees and the total satisfaction of our clients. We take great pride in our performance with regard to safety; scheduling and end cost, and prefer to think of ourselves as partners in each project.

We offer a complete range of pre-construction and constructor services, and we administer these with efficiency and insight. Our services include evaluation of the preliminary design and the overall project; production of cost estimates and schedules; appraisal of construction methods, materials, and systems; examination of program cost-effectiveness; development of cash flow projections, planning of manpower and equipment requirements; and administration of purchasing and expediting.

We have the knowledge base, equipment, and experience, to handle large-scale jobs and have an expanding resume of international projects. Our commitment to quality is applied to all contracts, large or small. We develop and engage in all projects, regardless of the size.”


Western Industrial Contractors Ltd. was established in 1989 by Raymond Fortier to serve the ICI markets in Northern British Columbia. Over the years WIC has expanded into the Alberta and Caribbean markets as well as the Design-Build market. Brian Savage, our current vice-president, and Chief Operating Officer joined the firm in 2005 and expanded our Commercial / Institutional market share. With a Corporate Headquarters in Prince George and fully staffed regional offices in Kitimat and Castlegar. From our head office, we are able to monitor and control our projects efficiently and provide support for the regional offices as required. Western Industrial Contractors Ltd. has grown the business in an average of 80-120 employees working throughout the year to deliver turn-key projects and increase our support of projects such as RioTinto and HMI / Fortis.


Our approach in assembling a multi-disciplinary team has been based on the expertise, experience, and quality of each firm’s work as well as past working relationships.


WIC has developed, constructed, and managed projects since it was established, as this is the basis of our company operation. We have the staff, commitment, and passion to ensure the success of this project.