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Who We Are

One of the largest contractors in British Columbia, we are construction specialists. We take great pride in our construction methods, and are fully certified in all new methods of construction and project management.

Our website only lists a few, select, examples of our work as our portfolio would include hundreds of jobs. If you need a more indepth example of our work history, contact us for a complete job listing.

At Western Industrial Contractors, we are committed to the welfare of our employees and the total satisfaction of our clients. We take great pride in our performance with regard to safety, scheduling and end cost, and prefer to think of ourselves as partners in each project.

We offer a complete range of pre-construction and construction services and we administer these with efficiency and insight. Our services include evaluation of the preliminary design and the overall project; production of cost estimates and schedules; appraisal of construction methods, materials and systems; examination of program cost-effectiveness; development of cash flow projections, planning of manpower and equipment requirements; and administration of purchasing and expediting.

We have the knowledge base, equipment and experience, to handle large scale jobs and have an expanding resume of international projects. Our commitment to quality is applied to all contracts, large or small.

We have included the various jobs from the past four years on our site for everyone to see. If you need a more detailed company resume for work further back, please contact us for a detailed work summary.