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Company Profile

Western Industrial Contractors Ltd. was established in 1989 by Raymond Fortier to serve the ICI markets in Northern British Columbia. Over the years WIC has expanded into the Alberta and Caribbean markets as well as the Design-Build market. Brian Savage, our current president and Chief Operating Officer joined the firm in 2005 and expanded our Commercial / Institutional market share. With a Corporate Headquarters in Prince George and fully staffed regional Office’s in Kitimat and Castlegar. From our head office we are able to monitor and control our projects efficiently and provide support for the regional offices as required.

  • Head Office Address

    4912 Hart Highway
    Prince George, BC V2K 3A1

  • Contact us

    Ph: 250-962-6011
    Fax: 250-962-5353

Constructor Services – Our Process

WIC offers a complete range of pre-construction and constructor services, and we administer these with efficiency and insight. Our services include evaluation of the preliminary design and the overall project; production of cost estimates and schedules; appraisal of construction methods, materials and systems; examination of program cost-effectiveness; development of cash flow projections, planning of manpower and equipment requirements; and administration of purchasing and expediting.

We have the knowledge base, equipment and experience, to handle large scale jobs and have an expanding resume of projects. Our commitment to quality is applied to all contracts, large or small. We develop and engage in all projects, regardless of the size.

WIC continues to provide strong community support and environmental stewardship. WIC actively contributes capital and resources for local community interests in all of its work regions. We’re local and we value our associations with local businesses. We also believe in healthy communities and that is why we support social events, athletic programs and recreational activities in the communities we work in.

  • Over 20 years operations and activities in Civil, Industrial, Institutional, Commercial, Architectural and Building and Site Improvements.

  • WIC and it’s assigned personnel have successful experience with integrated design teams, design-build partnerships, LEED® projects, mechanical and electrical systems, and complex sequencing of work

  • Our large projects have consistently been on time and on budget.

What makes our Team “Capable”?

Financial Strength + Character + Confidence + Commitment + Resources + Safety + Quality

WIC selects individuals, suppliers and sub-contractors that are prepared to make the commitment to deliver what is required, when it is required and for the price that was agreed. This has been the foundation of our company on all of our projects and our clients confirm that it has been a successful formula.

  • Success

    WIC has developed, constructed and managed projects since it was established as this is the basis of our company operation. We have the staff, commitment and passion to ensure the success of this project.

  • Our Approach

    Our approach in assembling a multi-disciplinary team has been based on the expertise, experience and quality of each firm’s work as well as past working relationships.

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Contact Information

(250) 962-6011
4912 Hart Highway, Prince George, BC V2K 3A1